»the chief art is to make all that they have to do, sport and play too.«

We, too, follow this maxim when developing the Lazuli learning apps. Our aim is to view learning through children’s eyes. Instead of pressure and boredom, we offer fun and curiosity. Backed by science, visually appealing, educationally valuable. Games for children and for solid cognitive foundations. But Lazuli apps are not the creations of big games developers; it’s a genuine family business. A couple with ambitions and two children who never cease to inspire.

funline Media GmbH

Stefanie Stalf (CEO)

Psychologist, co-founder of the renowned Scanline VFX visual-effects and post-production studio (hyperlinked), and mother.

Appalled at the content and visuals of the “supportive” digital media being offered to her children, she and her husband forged a vision: To convert the potential of the devices already constantly around them into real learning environments for children. The Lazuli apps have become their pet project, and have been a huge success. The educational concept combines high-quality animations and individual learning success with great tasks and all the benefits of a touch screen.

Roland Ressemann

As a school psychologist and elementary-school teacher, it was important for him to take the initiative and show how important cognitive skills already are even before children start school. He designed the brainteasers based on the latest scientific findings. Anyone who embraces the new style of education will not be fazed by tablets, but will instead see them as a useful teaching aid. It is important to ensure children’s curiosity is challenged appropriately—that’s how children learn in an independent and motivated manner.